Three videos that make me happy this week

Video 1: I love Kristin Bell – I’ve been a fan since Veronica Mars was on the WB.  Apparently, Kristin Bell loves sloths.  All I want to do is watch this clip on repeat.  Best. Ever. 

Video 2:  Don’t even worry, I will for sure be finding a way to incorporate this into our learning in kindergarten.  I think it will fit nicely in our Art in Children’s Literature unit that we are starting 

Video 3:  My class loves the Koo Koo Kangaroo dance-a-long videos from you tube.  Example: Awesome Rainbows.  Seriously, it has been stuck in my head all day.  It makes me happy because it was pretty much the only time the kids were engaged and on task today?  


5 thoughts on “Three videos that make me happy this week

      • At 2 minutes left in the video, Butera, Valencia and Revere are doing some “club” dancing to Single Ladies around some poor woman sitting in a chair. It is only a few seconds long, but brought me great joy. (Butera is the one doing the most dancing, but Valencia gets the Single Ladies hand motion thing going.)

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