The Music of Hope

Friends, normally I don’t post twice in one day, but this afternoon I am so excited!  

Hope Community Church, where I have attended church for the past 7 years, is recording an album this summer.  Tim Johnson, our incredible worship pastor, along with others, are not only amazingly talented musicians, but also have crafted incredible arrangements of music for many profoundly written hymn lyrics.  

I tried to type profound thoughts explaining about Hope’s style and theology of worship, but decided that Tim has already taken the time to do this and did a much better job than I would do.  So if you want to hear more about this exciting project, or watch a little video explaining more about it, or if you are interested in financially supporting this album, click here (yes, one little click gives you so many opportunities).

You can click here to listen to/watch a sermon where Tim explains more about the theology behind the way we do worship at Hope.

And you can click here if you just want to learn a little bit more about Hope Community Church!  


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