Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 5

Subtitled: Times they are a’changing…

My sister was in a fifth grade music called Kids and if I remember correctly, it kind of had the theme of “what are we going to do with kids these days” throughout it.

This has been a week like that.

Exhibit A:  I mentioned my middle name is Beth.  Naturally the response from a five year old boy would be, “I’ve heard the name Beth before.  In Little Women!”  and then we proceeded to discuss all the sisters in Little Women, our mutual love for Little Women, and he even included the detail of, “Yeah, and the dad had to leave to go to fight in the war.  Then his arm got hurt.”

Exhibit B: Today I confiscated a cell phone from a kindergartner.

Fortunately tomorrow we are going to the Children’s Museum, so the kids can take some time to play in the giant ant hill and remember that they are actually kids.  🙂


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