Welcome Sweet Baby Girl!

I was so excited to have the opportunity to take pictures of this sweet little girl.  Andi was born to my friend Becky and her husband Adam just over two weeks ago.  She may be two and a half weeks old, but she is still just a petite little peanut, not even really fitting into newborn clothes yet.

She was quite convinced she wanted to stay awake for her photoshoot, but after some sweet talking (ok, after eating, a diaper change, and some rocking) she was an adorable little sleeper for the rest of our time.

Forgive us the fact that we kept her laying the same and just switched out the color headband 🙂  We were trying to encourage her to continue her nap, so we didn’t want to move her around too much… But I think her pictures turned out adorably!


6 thoughts on “Welcome Sweet Baby Girl!

    • Thanks Jill! I can’t wait for your baby to be born so we can take adorable pics of him! (hint, hint)

      (and at this point I should probably clarify that the Jill I am writing back to is friend/coworker Jill, not my other friend Jill who is not pregnant. I don’t want to start rumors)

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