Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 2

Some sweet moments:

With one little girl, we are working on the basic skill of being where she is supposed to be. Honestly at this point it doesn’t even matter if she is listening or working.  If she is in her right place, then that is such a great improvement.  Today she was doing really well, thanks for a new intervention I’m trying, but suddenly I saw she was up over at her journal with a crayon.  I tried calling her over back with the group and was a little frustrated she was totally and completely ignoring me.  Suddenly, she rips the page out of her journal, and brings it over to give to me.  She drew me a heart.  🙂  ok, forgiven.

At the end of the day today, I called a parent to tell her that her child had a great day of school today.  As soon as I identified myself as her child’s teacher, the parent’s tone of voice changed to disappointment and irritation because she usually gets phone calls about her child’s misbehavior.  She was so so happy that I was calling to report her child’s good behavior – you could hear the smile, relief, and excitement in her voice.  It almost made me cry just to hear her happiness.  It was a good reminder to take the extra minute it takes and tell people about the good things, the things you appreciate, or the things they have done well.  It really does make a world of difference.

Then this afternoon, a child approaches me and asks why teachers don’t have name sticks.  I told him that teachers get lots of turns to do things in the classroom and we have name sticks so I can pull out kids’ names and then they can have a turn too.”  He replied, “[sigh] oh, but I want us all to be one big happy family!”

Today a child drew this picture of me.  I loved it. I showed it to my assistant, and she asked if there could be a better representation of me.  I kind of had to agree.  If I could go through life with long blonde T. Swift hair, wearing a princess crown with flowers on top, I totally would.  Since that is not really socially acceptable, instead I will live vicariously through this portrait and continue to fill my heart with sunshine, princess crowns, and flowers.  


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