Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 1

I totally am stealing my title from a friend.  Last year her Schoolhouse Rock blog series was numbered according to the number of days we’d been in school.  I can’t be bothered with such counting, so we’ll just go consecutively starting with 1.  I decided that I am running out of clever titles for the randomness that is kindergarten… so you will now know it is a post of hilarity from the children because it will be designated under the Schoolhouse Rock title.  Enjoy!

First, some artwork: Obviously this is me – I mean, the resemblance is uncanny.  I’m sure you can tell what is going on here, but in case you are in need of a bit of interpretation, I am enjoying a red sucker.  I have a can in my hand because I am helping my mom make supper.  I’m guessing we are having soup.

Secondly, we sing an alphabet song in class that has a chorus that goes like this: “Learning letter sounds A-Z; Learning letters sounds you and me; Clap three times: 1-2-3; Letter sounds can help me read… and write!”  One student starting adding to the end of our song, “And text!”  And really, you can’t argue with that point.  Letter sounds DO help you text.  Way to apply your learning to real life.

And finally, I have a student who likes to know about my personal life.  “Hey Miss K, what are you doing tonight?”  “Well, I am going to have dinner with a friend so that we can plan for a Bible study we are leading together.”  “Oh.  What are you studying in the Bible?”  “The book of James.”  “Oh.  What else are you doing when you get home?”  “Um, I might exercise, and read a book, and go to bed.”  “Oh.  Why aren’t you eating any ice cream?”  “well, I guess because I don’t have any ice cream at my house right now.”  Oh. That’s sad.”


4 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 1

  1. You girls are so right. The distinct lack of ice cream in my life IS sad. Don’t worry though, to try and make up for, I went out for Fro Yo with my roommate and our ex-roommate tonight.

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