Sometimes on a Saturday night…

Sometimes on a Saturday night, you might be home eating dinner and your roommate comes home and you discuss hanging out that evening, but aren’t sure what to do with your time.  You don’t feel like playing wii, cards, or monopoly.  You watched a movie last night.  Hmm… what other options are there?

I think the most obvious thing that will come to your mind is to make soap from soap.  At least that is what came to my roommate’s mind, and I quickly jumped on board.

First things first: you need the supplies.

What is needed?  Glycerin, a bar of soap, a cheap cheese grater, and water.

Sounds simple, right?  Not so much.  We ended up not making soap last Saturday, but rather we spent the evening preparing to make soap.  And it was the highlight of my week.

First stop: Target.  A nice young Target employee came quickly to our aid (or he was the first employee we found and we asked him for help).

Us: Do you have glycerin?

Eric: What is glycerin and why have I heard of it before?

Us: It is a clear liquid used for a variety of things.  One thing it is used for is to make soap.

Eric:  Brad Pitt… Fight Club!  Have you seen Fight Club?  What are you using glycerin for?

Us: A long time ago.  What did Brad Pitt use it for?  We are making soap.

Eric: He made soap.  And explosives.

Us: Our soap will be of the non-explosive variety.

We then follow Eric around the store, searching aisles, looking it up on the scanner gun, asking others etc for at least 10 minutes.  It felt more like 30.  That is how dedicated he was to helping us.  We also learned his life story (or at least where he goes to college and his major).  In the end?  No glycerin.  Eric apologized profusely.  We were just blown away by his dedication to our cause.  We promised to come back for all our steak questions (his area of expertise).  We quickly checked to see if they had the kind of bar soap we needed. No luck.  We walked away with empty hands, but hearts full of joy.

Next stop: Cub.  Similar, but different, experience.  Also so helpful.  Also did not carry the products that we needed.  We did find a cheap cheese grater, so we walked out with slightly less empty hands than at Target.

Next stop: Byerly’s.  On the way I did some googling to learn more about glycerin.  Byerly’s had nothing to offer us.  My googling efforts told me that Walgreens had the bar soap we needed wanted.

Next stop: Walgreens.  No luck.  The internets lied to us.  Jerks.  (the internet – not Walgreens.  Walgreens was nice to us, just did not have the products for sale that we had hoped).

Next stop: CVS.  Luck.  Lots of luck.  We walked in the door and asked about glycerin.  The helpful employee told us the precise location of the glycerin.  We felt like giving him a gold star for his knowledge that apparently no one else in the world has: what glycerin is and where to find it. 

Confession: We called CVS beforehand and knew they carried glycerin. We went to all the other places, racing against the clock (CVS closed at 10pm) in hopes of finding Mrs. Myers soap in bar form.  No one had it.  But while we were at each place we thought we may as well check for the other things we needed.

Next stop: home.  Too exhausted from our amazing race around town, we put our supplies on the table and went to bed, postponing our soapy adventures for Sunday after church.


One thought on “Sometimes on a Saturday night…

  1. The fact that you were So Moved to make soap is killing me It’s practical, a prairie skill and adventuresome all at once. I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

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