Life can be hard. Exhibit B: Properly writing checks.

Sometimes the day just kicks your butt.  Sometimes I think to myself, “It would be so much easier if I didn’t care so much.  If I wasn’t so invested in these kids.”  But then I remind myself that the fact that I care is what makes me a good teacher.  Being invested in their lives is what gives me the strength and the desire to teach in a school where the kids come from tough home lives and that affects their behavior at school.  Sometimes on a Friday night after a hard day though, I just want to crawl into my bed immediately when going home.  Even though that would have been delightful, I am thankful I have family who eats dinner with me and cracks me up with their hilarity, and friends who make plans with me so that I don’t just hibernate when life is hard.  And I am equally as thankful for Romantica and Farewell Milwaukee playing in a venue with chairs for me to sit on while they serenade me.

And with 11.5 hours of sleep under my belt I am ready to face the world again.  And I am ready to share with you my blonde moment of the week.

While I was paying my rent at the beginning of the week, I was shocked to see that I was on my last check.  Then I was more shocked to see that my hair color won out over my brain, and on the line where you write out the number in words, I somehow totally botched it up and filled up the line with a value that completely didn’t match what I put in the little box on the side.  I went upstairs to see if I had another book of checks.  Nope.  Completely out.  Frazzled, but with no options (I have to pay my rent!) my solution: try it again under the line and then initial by it to indicate that “it’s cool, a bad guy didn’t change this amount.” Tiffany questioned the validity of the check and I said, “Well, we’ll see how it goes.  If this check doesn’t go through, at least it will buy me a little time to get more checks.”

Fast forward to this week.  I decided I probably should order more checks so that they arrive before next month’s rent is due.  I peruse the internet’s options of checks, and finally settle on a design.  I was shocked that there were no designs that fit what I was looking for, “Vintage design, simple, in colors such as faded olive green, fancy antique blue, and butter yellow.”  So I settled.  I needed to say which number check to start on.  I decided to see what number I left off on.  Which is when I discovered that I am not in fact out of checks.  My rent paying panic had been for naught. I just got to the page that said, “hey you should think about reordering now” and then has several more checks behind it.

As I was telling my roommate my blondeness, when I got to this part of the story, she told me I was not being blonde, but rather being responsible and ordering new checks in a timely fashion.  Then I confessed that at this point in the check ordering process I strongly considered not ordering new checks yet.  I still have several left!  But don’t worry, I proceeded anyways.  So there you have it: blonde turned responsible.


3 thoughts on “Life can be hard. Exhibit B: Properly writing checks.

  1. I totally understand exhaustion on Fridays, though for far different reasons than you. I, however, chose to succumb to the tiredness and crawl into bed around 9:30 after watching about 2 hours of DVR shows, although I did order Uggs slippers first, so the night was not all for naught.

    And I love your check panic. I’ve definitely been tricked by that slip before, though not to the extent you were.

    p.s. Check writing is hard, and it is a new technology so don’t beat yourself up too much over your mistake 🙂

    • you ordered ugg slippers for both of us?? Thank you!! You are too kind. Do you remember how mom used to have us fill out the check to practice and then she would sign it to get us ready for our first checking account? Well, my first check I wrote at Target and totally forgot to sign it, because I was so accustomed to doing everything BUT the signature 🙂 embarrassing!

      • Funny–mom asked the same thing about my slipper purchase. She thought it was a TOMS type deal, except she would be the recipient of the 2nd pair. And that story is AMAZING! Love it!

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