Laura’s awkward moment of the week.

Hello, and welcome to Laura’s Awkward Moment of the Week!  This week, the award goes to… The Checkout Line at Trader Joe’s.

this was taken on my first visit to TJs. I was nervous, yet excited. Apparently I should still feel that way today...

So, yesterday I was innocently standing in line at Trader Joe’s, my basket of delicious food items hanging nonchalantly from my left arm.  It is confusingly warm this January in Minnesota, so I was wearing jeans, boots, a long yellow cardigan and a black fleece for a jacket.  I think that the “my cardigan is awkwardly longer than my zipped up jacket” is always an attractive look to go for… (please read sarcasm in that sentence, even though it is a look I sport too often)

There was a mom and daughter in line in front of me.  The daughter was probably around 10, and as the mom wrapped up her transaction, the daughter was loitering in front of the “place your basket here” spot next to the register, making it impossible for me to prepare for check-out.

The kindly cashier came to my rescue and stepped out to take my basket from me.  I gladly handed it to him, until [cue overly dramatic music] I realized that something was going terribly wrong, and I was somehow attached to the basket.  I swivel toward the cashier, up on my tiptoes, because somehow the basket is pulling me with it.  The cashier is looking at my funny because I am suddenly unwilling to let him take the basket from me.  I spot the problem: the giant yellow button on my cardigan somehow found its way through one of the the super skinny slits in the side of the basket, and is now stuck inside of the basket.  I begin working feverishly to get it out, and after about ten minutes 30 seconds of me fumbling around, refusing to relinquish said basket, the cashier realizes what is happening.

I eventually detach myself from my food, and move to pay.  The cashier jokes, “you are hooked on Trader Joe’s food.  literally.”  I feebly laugh, “ha.  ha.”  while thinking, “how do these things happen to me?”  “is there something I could have done to prevent this?”  and conclude, “no, no there is not.”


5 thoughts on “Laura’s awkward moment of the week.

  1. My awkward moment at Kowalski’s yesterday– I pay for ice cream (yes, that’s all I bought) with exact change. In the middle of counting all my pennies I hear something fall to the floor, one of the dimes! So one of the employees is helping me look for it- luckily I had another one and then I said, “well if you find that dime it’s your tip!” and then I walked out the door.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the checkout line at Trader Joe’s is basically a social no-mans land. You never know what’s going to happen or what the cashier might possibly say to you. It’s adventuresome like that.

  3. I will never understand how all Trader Joe’s employees have that same witty sense of humor. I mean, ok, maybe the pun wasn’t THAT great, but it’s far better than I could think of on the spot.
    hahah the story was awesome

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