On Having a Happy New Year

So, New Year’s Eve is not my favorite holiday.  In fact, it is probably one of my least favorite.  At least with Halloween (another non-fav) kids wear adorable costumes.  It is just a lot of build-up with not a lot of real excitement.  I support others in enjoying NYE, but personally I can take it or leave it.

This year though was my favorite NYE.  If it could be my NYE every year, I might grow to appreciate this holiday much more.

If you have similar moderately negative or apathetic feelings about NYE, I have a prepared a short tutorial for you to also enjoy NYE more than in the past.

Step 1: See the movie NYE in Times Square.* This was a critical first step for me.  Not only was it magical seeing it in NYC, but it also nearly convinced me that I do actually like NYE (which is a lie.  but I believed it)

Please take a moment to notice all of the santas on the streets this night...

*I cannot actually guarantee that this will help you.  I enjoyed the movie, but I have one friend that actually hated it, one friend that liked it fine and 81% of my friends liked it a lot.  It took me until about 1/3 of the way through to decide if I liked it, and then I cried a continuous single tear throughout the rest of it, while thinking, “why the heck am I crying?”

Step 2: In October, buy tickets to see a band you love in concert on NYE.  This will take the pressure off of you to find other plans for NYE.  This will also prevent you from going to bed at 9pm.

Step 3: Your friend should host a nice dinner party pre-concert.  

Step 4: Make a fancy cake. 

Step 5: Write down your favorite memories from the previous year. 

Step 6: Hang your memories with your friends’ memories as prettily as possible. 

Step 7: Go to the Dawes concert.  They are amazing live.  They will pause singing for everyone to count down together and you will exchange New Year’s high fives with all your friends.

You will love this NYE plan.  You are ready for Dec 31, 2012.  You are welcome.


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