So today I met an amazing child who I had never met before.  I have no idea how old she is, but I’d have to guess no older than 3??  (for my estimating skills though, she could probably be more like 30).  I escorted her to the restroom during a movie.

Here is our conversation:

Me: Are you liking the movie?

Her: It is really long.  That is why I have to go to the bathroom.

Her: I need this [stepstool].

I help her get the step stool.  She continually goes back and forth between the two levels, trying to decide which will be best to stand on to reach the sink to wash her hands.

My advice: Just listen to your heart.

She looks at me, pauses, and says in a you-seem-confused tone of voice, “Or I can listen to my brain.  My heart is just full of blood.  It pumps the blood to my body.”

Next she needs soap.  Apparently my soap squirt was a bit exuberant for her tastes.

She says first skeptically, then enthusiastically, “That is a lot of bubbly soap!  My hands are going to smell beautiful!”


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