Breakfast at Tiffany’s; versions 2 & 1.

Yesterday I had Rachel over for breakfast.  Because I am SUCH a fancy friend and gourmet chef, I made us baked oatmeal.  Now I understand that doesn’t sound like something you’d want to go to your friend’s house for.  I can see why the guy at the gas station wasn’t overly impressed.  But let’s review: it is not instant oatmeal.  It is a recipe that I have wanted to try for a long time and was already planning to make when I invited her over.  You start with a layer of banana and blueberries, then add the rolled oats+cinnamon+other dry ingredients that I can’t be bothered to remembered.  Then you pour milk+maple syrup+a lightly beaten egg+vanilla over the top, throw on a few more blueberries and chopped nuts, and throw it in the oven.  Then, have it with a cup of delicious coffee, and a toasted english muffin – one half with nutella and one half with homemade crabapple jam from an adorable Sunday school kiddo.  We’ve got ourselves a breakfast.  Yes, I probably could have made Rachel something a little fancier, but she was nice and didn’t complain.  (Click here for the recipe).

And let’s be honest, nothing will top our real Breakfast at Tiffany’s adventure.  (some could argue that we also had breakfast at Tiffany’s yesterday, since my roommate is Tiffany and we were in her/my home).

Let’s travel back to New York to relive the original Breakfast at Tiffany’s experience.

We got up real early, swung through Broadway Bagel, where they serve the best bagels with the best cream cheese, and took our breakfast to-go.  A few subway rides later, we walked along the edge of Central Park toward the shiny snowflake up ahead.  Then we saw it: Tiffany’s. 

We spent a few moments taking in the beautiful window displays, then quickly settled in for a pre-breakfast photoshoot to document our meal. 

Fortunately for us, a kindly older midwestern couple happened upon us, and in addition to being so happy for us that we were having breakfast at Tiffany’s, they also offered to take a picture of us together – something we weren’t sure would happen again since Claire headed back to NJ the evening before. 

Then we settled in for our meal, sitting on the steps in front of the giant vault door, wreath, and fancy lights.

After eating, we checked out the window displays – which were basically our favorite.  Carousels.  Love. 

There was something blissful about sitting outside of Tiffany’s, eating our breakfast, on a quiet Saturday morning.  If you want to experience the quiet side of NYC, head out to a normally busy area around 7:30 in the morning.  It is like the city is yours.  Occasionally a jogger will run by, heading toward Central Park, but otherwise you can just enjoy a peaceful side of the city that not many see.  Take some time to soak in the wonderment of it all.


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