2011: A Year in Review in Kid Quotes

I had a request for more kindergarten stories… my apologies, my friends.  I have been out of the classroom assessing students for much of December.  Lame for teaching and lame for overhearing some of the great gems that I like to share with you.  To tide y’all over until the end of winter break (and let’s not wish away these remaining days of relaxation and calm) let’s dig into the archives and remember some nuggets of five year old wisdom and hilarity.

January: “You can put a seed in your mouth and then you will have a baby in your mouth!  Because if you swallow a seed, you will have a baby!”

February: Love is giving hugs to somebody.  You feel it in your heart.

March: “Miss K!  Guess what!  I went to the saloon!  They did my hair.”

April: Upon seeing the overhead projector for the first time: student 1: “We have a robot!  What should we name our robot?”  student 2: “It already has a name!  3M!”

May: “I want to call you Mrs. K so we can pretend you are married.  You are married to a boy named Max.  He has pointy hair.  Sometimes he wears blue clothes and jeans.”

June: What is your favorite kindergarten memory?  “Touching your necklace.”

July: Let’s look at a picture of a child chasing a pigeon. 

August: I have nothing to say to represent August.  How lame is that?  Apparently, August is “avoid children month”

September: “Why do you have so many germs on your face?”  Freckles, kid.  Freckles.

October: “Miss K!  I moonwalked all the way from my locker to the classroom!”

November: This is the month in which we learned that if you ever find yourself in a situation where gum-chewing is forbidden, just stick your gum on the top of your head.  Problem solved.

December: me: I’m going to see Santa tomorrow.  What should I ask for?  “hmm.  A girl toy.”  nope – not the drive through.  Santa.


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