2011: A Year in Review in Pictures (and some words)

If I were to write a Christmas letter, it would probably include some or all of the following:

January: This is my least favorite month.  So it is not surprising I don’t actually have pictures from it.  I will say my greatest accomplishment was probably making a sweet Winter mix CD for me and my sister.  Oh wait, I found a picture.  Twins Fest.  New best friend: Kevin Slowey. 

February: I celebrated my birthday in Florida with my close friends (and the MN Twins).  I grilled for the first time, met a lot of Twins players, and hung out with alligators. 

March: Co-hosted my first baby shower (my in reference to the hosting, not to the having a baby.  I do not have a baby.  I hope that is clear).  Met movie stars at Hope’s annual Film Fest. Wrapped up another season of leading Bible study.  I was introduced to mini cones of joy.  They are a life-changing snack.  Snow melted.  We began vacation planning.

April: Dyed a lot of Easter eggs.  Started the Twins season.  In the snow.  Remembered why I don’t try and make my own caramel.  Hosted Cupcake Camp.   I got a smart board in my classroom (it has since been taken away shared with others).  I got lost a lot.

May: Welcome Baby Elsie!  Welcome Bear.  I told a student, “don’t lick the bus”.  I got my sister all ready for prom.

June:  Weddings, weddings weddings.  Graduated another class of kindergartners.  Procrastinated packing. 

July: Spinster Sister Vacation Take Two: I put my years of studying German and Julie Andrews to good use in visiting Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic to see the beauty of Europe and the sights of The Sound of Music. 

August: Always love spending relaxing quality time up north with the fam.  I also love going to Circus World weddings.  I amazed myself with my cake-pop and cupcake skills. 

September: I went to my last Twins game of the season.  Now I wish I’d said a proper goodbye to half the team 99% of the team.  I said hello to a new group of students. 

October: Baby Jeremiah was born.  I did my first photoshoot of a family.  I learned to bake a three layer turtle cake. 

November: I baked my first pie.  I visited my first tree lot.  I contemplated buying my “first” real Christmas tree.  I decided I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. 

December: I pre-Christmassed in NYC.  Discovered my love of peppermint tea.

See you soon, 2012.


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