Feliz Navidad from Julio

I’d like you to meet Julio, my favorite NYC horse.  I spent a little bit of time getting to know Julio on Sunday afternoon, and I’d like to give you the chance to get to know him as well. Here are some fun facts about Julio that I learned. 

  1. Julio loves Christmas (as evidenced by his choosing to wear a Santa hat)
  2. Julio’s favorite food is carrots (as evidenced by the carrots in the carriage)
  3. Julio’s favorite color is dark green (as evidenced by the color of the fabric in the carriage he chooses to pull).
  4. Julio has been chauffeuring people around New York City since 1862 (as evidenced by the black and white photo) 
  5. Julio loves New York, but his favorite part of the city is Central Park (he spends a lot of his time there).
  6. Julio doesn’t actually speak Spanish (as the title of this post implies) but rather, Portuguese.  I know this because our driver was originally from Brazil.  Unfortunately I don’t know how to say Merry Christmas in Portuguese and saying thank you, hello, or where is the bathroom wasn’t as catchy of a title for the blog post, so I went with Spanish.  I’m sure Julio can still understand it though.
  7. Julio loves America (as evidenced by the flag in his carriage)
  8. For as much time as Julio has spent in Central Park, he has surprisingly enough never gone ice skating at Wollman Rink or ridden on the carousel.
  9. Julio is a people person.  He meets lots of people in any given day.  He may have told us we were his favorite new friends.
  10. Julio brings the magic into Christmas at Central Park.

I have always wanted to go on a horse drawn carriage ride.  As magical as it would have been to tour Salzburg in this manner this summer, I’m glad that I got to share this experience with Rachel Larson – she was the perfect travel companion for ridiculous magical dream fulfillment.  And Christmas in Central Park – a perfect backdrop.


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