Boxing Day Confessions

Christmas was warm, cozy, and bright.  I love my family.  I love celebrating our Savior’s birth in a relaxing fashion that includes Swedish meatballs and eskimo pie.  I’m not going into a ton of detail about the festivities of our day or the traditions we follow.  Partly because I couldn’t be bothered to take pictures throughout the day.  Partly because my sister-in-law just started a blog, and I am hoping that she will just cover those topics for me. 😉

I do have some clothing-related items I feel a need to get off my chest:

Christmas fashion: In an effort to pack as quickly as possible, because Christmas Eve tradition holds that Laura will be running late, probably due to baking something that naturally takes longer than expected, and arrive home for the holiday slightly stressed, I decided to repack my New York ensembles (I promise they were fresh from the laundry), which I call subtly Christmas.  That is: combinations of red and green, but not the usual shade of red and green.  It is covertly festive.  And since I wore them two weeks ago, they require no thinking – just grab them from the laundry pile and go.

Getting Dressed:  I scare easily.  I can’t remember if we have discussed this or not, but it is true.  And when I walked into my old bedroom at my parents’ house, thinking of the outfit I would be changing into, I saw my mom and screamed.  She was just standing there.  She wasn’t being sneaky, scary, or doing anything out of the ordinary.  Just standing.  And I screamed.  Yep.

What I Packed:  In my haste, I just grabbed a gray t-shirt from my clean laundry pile (goal for today: put that all away).  I pulled it out of my duffel on Christmas morning to put it on, and I saw that I had not actually grabbed a plain gray T.  Nope.  I’d grabbed a gray t-shirt covered with a design of dark blue/gray blobs and bright pink butterflies.  Normally I would think that nothing says Christmas like pink butterflies, but that didn’t actually seem to go with my reddish cardigan and green scarf.  Hmm.  Dilemma.  Could I wear the loungey shirt I had on?  Nope, already spilled coffee all over myself.  Does my mom have anything in her closet I could wear?  Doesn’t really look like it… Solution?  Wear my shirt backwards.  Genius?  Maybe.  Ridiculous?  Probably.  Remember, it was under a cardigan and had a scarf covering the neckline.  Totally not noticeable(?)

p.s.  My Christmas trip highlight was skating at Rockefeller Center.  I put it up on Christmas Eve, which I realize is not exactly a prime blog-reading day.  If you haven’t had a chance to read that post, please relive that dream with me by clicking here, or by simply scrolling down/over to the previous post.  Thanks, you are my favorite blog reader.

p.p.s.  I must confess that I am wearing my butterfly shirt again today, but facing forward.  I couldn’t help it.  Sometimes choosing clothes to wear is just too hard, and it was the first thing I saw this morning afternoon when I got dressed…


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