A Christmas Spectacular

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

On our last day in NYC, the last big thing we did was see the Rockettes.  They call it the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  And it really is a Christmas Spectacular.  

We joined the throngs waiting to get into Radio City Music Hall, having no idea what lay ahead.  As we entered the music hall, we were blown away from the crowds and the decor.  It was beautiful!  

We eavesdropped on a tour and learned a few fun historical facts.  We sat in the ladies room lounge because we could.  

We found our seats – the very back row, but still a great view. 

We perused our programs, and looked confusedly at the 3D glasses.  We learned that Santa would be telling us when to put them on.  I’m not sure if this increased or decreased the confusion.

The show was SUPER fun!  I would totally recommend it to a friend.

Here are some things I was surprised by:

  • I did not realize the Rockettes also sing?  I just verified this on the internet, and the audition information informs me that if you are cast as a dancer, your voice quality is not as important as the general ability to sing and dance at the same time.
  • I did not know there would be a storyline outside of high-kicks and sparkles.  But it makes sense – the girls need time for all their costume changes.
  • I did not know there were kids in the show (don’t worry, I also learned they are provided with tutors since rehearsals/performances take place during the school year/school day)
  • I did not know they would end with O Holy Night and a live nativity complete with camels and sheep. 

Things that I particularly enjoyed or was impressed by:

  • In one of the scenes, there are giant furry toys that are singing and dancing.  The ability to dance in the equivalent of an intense mascot costume truly impressed me. 
  • When the Rockettes dress up as toy soldiers, they do this thing where they all line up and they slowly fall like dominoes.  It was so great.  
  • Super fun costumes!
  • The backdrop really made you feel like you were in NYC!  (which we were, but still, it was great) 
  • The dancing and the precision was superb.

All in all, it was a fantastic way to end our trip!  


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