Santaland! Santaland! Santaland!

Can we talk about Macy’s?  Because Macy’s was an amazing Christmas experience.  Christmas joy to the max.

To prepare for the big day, we watched half of Miracle on 34th Street the night before. 

Because we care a lot about Santa (or because we don’t like long lines) or some combination of the two, we checked to see what time Santaland opened, and planned our morning accordingly.

When we walked into Macy’s, Christmas spirit was hanging from the ceilings, lighting up our hearts and lives.  Then we rode the escalators up to the 8th floor.  We thought the rest of the store was decked out in holiday cheer, but we were not prepared for the true magic of Santaland. 

Santa’s oh-so-helpful elves told us where to stand in the line.  They also told us things like, “Feel free to stop and take pictures, but then know that it is ok for other groups to go around you.”  To enter the north pole, we went on a train ride – we could see children playing in the snow and ice skating out the windows.  We could feel the wheels of the train turning below the floor, and hear the whistle as we slowed to a stop.  Walking through the north pole, we took in all the sights of a winter wonderland filled with all sorts of Christmas cheer. 

Soon, it was our turn to see Santa.  An elf greeted us at the entrance, and another elf walked us to Santa’s room (seriously, a genius set-up to ensure children only see one santa, but also keep the line moving at a pretty fast clip).

Santa was so happy to see us.  He said, “I remember you from when you were this tall!”  This was actually my first time seeing Santa, but I’ve been told I have a familiar face, so I will forgive him this confusion. 

We took a picture with him, and he asked what we wanted for Christmas.  We knew that we were going to be mailing him a letter, so we let him know to watch for it.  He said that if he didn’t get it in time, he would surprise us. 

After picking up our picture, we headed to the in-store Starbucks.  To maximize the Starbies experience, we got our drinks at a little kiosk on one floor and we drank them at a Starbucks on another floor.  While drinking our delicious holiday drinks, we wrote to Santa and tried the bread pudding that his elves gave us upon our exit from Santaland. 

We browsed the ornament section of the floor and then dropped our letter in the mail for Mr. Claus. 

That night, we found ourselves walking back past Macy’s on our way to the Empire State Building.  You might think this is because we are poor planners.  I like to think it is because we wanted to ensure we would experience the full magic of Macy’s in both the daylight and at night.  Because Christmas magic was bursting everywhere at 34th Street in NYC. 


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