All Roads Lead to the Plaza

Ok, back to business – let’s talk a little more about NYC Christmas!

Yes, it is your lucky day – a double post day.  Life is good.

On Friday, we were so excited when Claire took us into the Plaza.  Little did we know that actually all roads, or perhaps more specifically, all routes (to better include subway trips as well as traveling by foot) would take us back to the Plaza all weekend long.  It was a little bit silly how often we saw it.  It might be my most easily identified building in NYC, even beating out the Empire State Building. 

Despite how many times we went past or into the Plaza, there are several things we did not do.

  • We did not have dueling weddings
  • We did not have high tea
  • We did not visit Eloise in her suite on the 18th floor.
  • We did not stay with/get kicked out with Kevin McCallister of Home Alone 2

We did watch people have high tea.  We did talk about Home Alone.  And we did bask in the pink glory of Eloise’s Christmas tree.  And now you can bask in it also. 


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