Wollman Rink in Central Park

It has long been my dream to go ice skating under the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center.  But when Rachel mentioned the idea of also skating in Central Park, I hopped on board with no hesitation.  You may or may not know that there is more than one rink in Central Park.  But Wollman Rink is the one all the cool kids go to (or at least it is the more well-known rink that you are probably thinking of if you are sitting around thinking about ice skating at Central Park).  

They take their rules pretty seriously at this rink.  When they say no bags, no phones, no cameras, they mean it.  They will chase you down and blow their whistles at you until you obey the rules.  So here is a picture that we took covertly on Rachel’s phone while skating.  And no one whistled in our faces.  Because we are stealth.  

The rink, with the city skyline surrounding it, was something to behold.  It probably would have felt like we were living in a romantic comedy if we had been there with our boyfriends.  But we were not.  So it probably felt more like a heartwarming family film.

Since there was a strict no bags rule, we spent a small fortune and rented a locker.  We were too cheap to rent two lockers for all of our things to actually fit, so we put our bags and one of each of our boots inside.  Genius?  Yes.  Because really, who is going to steal a single boot that is not part of a pair.

The local Christmas music radio station was doing a special promotion that weekend, and so their station’s jolly Christmas music was blasting through the speakers as we skated around the rink.

In fact, when I was walking through the warming house to return my locker key and lock, I passed Delilah (yes, THE Delilah) just a couple  feet away from me.  I probably should have asked her for advice on my love life.  This was unfortunately our only “celebrity” sighting for the weekend.  But then again, I am horrible at keeping up with pop cultura and identifying the names of stars, so I probably could have held hands with a famous actor while skating and not even realized it.  

For the first 7/8 of our skating extravaganza, the songs were some of our favorite Christmas tunes sung by some of our favorite people.  At the end, we kept trying to go out on a high note, but they kept playing a horrible selection of Christmas music, so we kept skating.  Then our legs nearly fell off, so we had to just call it quits.  “Just one more time” was our mantra, because we didn’t want to merriment to end.


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