The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

… is singing loud for all to hear.

Or the best way to spread Christmas cheer is sharing pictures of your trip to New York.  

(I’m so bad at remembering movie quotes, but I’m pretty sure it is one of those two)

Today I thought we’d start by going on a taxi ride (um, imaginary.  I’m a kindergarten teacher and that is the way we do things) through New York City.  We’ll be moving pretty fast, as drivers there are crazy, so buckle up, hold onto your hats, scarves, and earmuffs, and know that you won’t get to hear a lot of explanation, but you will get to see the magic of Christmastime in the city.  Get excited, because NYC sure knows how to do Christmas.  It definitely met/exceeded my expectations for frivolity, lights, decorations and fancyness.

I’ll be sure and tell you all the tales of our travel between now and Christmas.  Kind of like the 12 days of Christmas, except actually more like Laura’s 3 days of vacation stretched out into 12 days of storytelling.  It will be great.  You will love it.  


3 thoughts on “The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

  1. I love the giant red ornaments and would like to figure out a way to get them in my yard.

    The pink tree freaks me out.

    I’d like to know more about the boots you are wearing your (AWESOME) breakfast at tiffany’s picture.

    • We can talk about my boots after my feet fully recover (they are about 87.9% of the way there). They are super comfy, but probably not the wisest to have them be my ONLY pair of shoes for an entire weekend with lots of walking involved….

      I love them too.

      Do you feel better about it knowing that it is Eloise’s tree at The Plaza?

  2. Wow, NYC really does Christmas up in a BIG, fancy way.

    I took photos Saturday of downtown Faribault all decked out in holiday finery. It looks way different than New York. But that’s OK. No way could my town of 23,000 compete with a BIG, fancy city.

    The photos are great, Laura. Thanks for taking me to New York. I’ve been there once, in college, and I’ll likely never get back. Too much big city for this small-townish mom.

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