Tiding you over with famous letters and awesome headphones

I know this isn’t about Christmas, but it can’t be helped.  I promise I am hard at work going through my NYC pictures because I can’t wait to share with you all the Christmas joy we found.  We found a lot.  If you compile our pictures, we found around 850 photos worth of Christmas joy.

In the meantime, I have four quick stories to share with you.

  1. My favorite game to play on vacation is, “guess how many pictures I took!”  When I played with Rachel (my travel companion) she overshot by a bit.  Rachel (my sister) then told me that she has figured out that I average about 220/day on vacation (I know, I am out of control) so her guess would have been much closer to the actual grand total from my camera which was 631 pics.
  2. I taught my kids what vowels are today.  This involved me dressing up like a snowman (don’t ask) and giving them the two reasons that vowels are important (1. They all make two sounds – a long sound and a short sound.  2.  There is at least one vowel in every word).  Later in the day, a girl came up to me and said, “Miss K!  The words on our paper have some of those famous letters!!!!”
  3. A student keeps trying to “listen to my earmuffs”.  I will probably start dancing around next time I wear them to perpetuate the myth that I am listening to music through what apparently are really giant headphones
  4. This is my life right now.  Learning is done.  Which is a bummer since we still have over a week until break… 



3 thoughts on “Tiding you over with famous letters and awesome headphones

  1. #2 made me laugh out loud at work. Also, I’d very much like to know what you dressing like a snowman looks like and how that relates to vowels.

    • 1. I’d like to know what you are still doing at work at 9:30 pm.
      2. Obviously The singing snowman has some vowels AEIOU. She loves to sing the letter A and you can sing it too. With an /a/ /a/ here and an /a/ /a/ there. Here an /a/ there an /a/ everywhere an /a/ /a/ … and on it goes…

      • 1. I read it yesterday on my phone, but didn’t have time to comment then so I waited until I was commenting on your other post tonight. Not that I’m not working at 9:30, just doing it from home which is clearer much better.

        2. Oh…it is a SINGING snowman. It all makes perfect sense 🙂

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