latest from the kiddos

Here are some gems from the kindergartners of late:

Did I tell you I have a student who is trying really hard to go by Mario?  He writes Mario on his papers along with his real name, and even has the other children calling him Mario.  “Miss K, that boy Mario said that…”  Today when we were talking he said, “When you wear your hair like that, you look like Princess Peach!”  Yep, it is in a ponytail today.  I’m glad that I now have a way to justify lazy hair days 🙂

On Nutrition: a child shows me a bag of raspberries.  “Look what I have!  They are so good for your body because they are so sour.”

Teacher: Does anyone know what day we celebrate our moms?

Student: Thanksgiving!

Teacher: No…

Student: Halloween!

Teacher: hmm….


And an oldie, but goodie:

A couple of years ago, I was reading a book that had Santa in it during our traditions unit.  Naturally, one of the lines in it was, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”  To which a child shouts out, “oooooh, you said a cuss word!”


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