Car, why are you so greedy? Just be thankful for what you have.

So, my car needed new tires.  You may have been cued into this fact if you read my previous post on the topic of Christmas joy running away from me.

Apparently the tire situation was pretty dire.  I brought my car in yesterday.  The guy walked around it and said, “I don’t know what kind of tires you are getting, but anything will feel like 4-wheel drive after this!”

To say I had high expectations when I went back for my car today would be an understatement.  After signing away my second-born child (I already promised them my first-born in exchange for the new clutch I got in August), I took my keys and went out to my freshly washed car.

Things did not start out well.  The guy left my car in reverse, so when I started my car up, I started going backwards.  PANIC!  Plus I hadn’t scooted my seat back to where it should be yet, so it was quite the struggle to find and reach the brake.  Thankfully the car behind me wasn’t super close.  But still.  Yikes.

Then I started to drive.  Going. Stopping.  Speeding up.  Slowing down.  Turning.  Going straight.  Doing U-turns.  Driving on dry roads.  Driving on snowy side streets.  It was all so effortless.  I was so in awe of my car’s new abilities, that I got lost going to my brother’s house and my detour basically took me back home for a second attempt.  Pull yourself together, Laura!

After eventually successfully picking David up, I backed out of the driveway I drove through the grass when attempting to back out of the driveway – sure am glad I have that “4 wheel drive”…

While on the highway, I said to David, “Can you feel my car shaking?”  The answer: “No!”
While you might think this is 100% a good thing, there is a downside.  Driving over 55 mph used to turn my car into a massage chair.  No longer.  Bummer.

The good news (in addition to all of the above) is that I am closer to figuring out my car’s name.  I decided she must be a girl.  She is so moody and high-maintenance that it only makes sense.  She probably needs a snobby, likes to go shopping for new things, kind of name, because she never seems to be satisfied with what I have already given her.



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