Back on the Kitchen Road Paved with Happiness and Sprinkles

Over breakfast one morning at a women’s church event, I was chatting with Michelle, and decided she is pretty great and that we should probably be friends.  She said if I ever was looking for a baking mentee, she would be interested, and I said, “I love baking dates with friends!  Let’s get something on the calendar!”  and she said, “Ok!”  and we went to our calendars and cookbooks (aka the internet) and decided to make a delicious fall cupcake.  Well, she said fall and I said cupcake.  I’d been eyeing the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcake from Annie’s Eats for a while now, so it worked out perfectly.  I’d say our baking ventures were a smashing success.  Here is a photo of the incredibly delicious finished product.  (Seriously, so good.  I can’t recommend this recipe highly enough!) 

At one point in the morning, we made an grocery emergency run to the store.  It is not my favorite grocery store, as the lines are often real slow.  This morning though, the lines weren’t the problem, but rather, the lady in front of me was.  I didn’t really appreciate her turning around, insulting me, and then doing impressions of me that sound like a Valley Girl.  If you think that is the way to win friends and influence people, you have some learning to do.  I might suggest starting here.  Suffice it to say, me and Mean Grocery Lady are never going to be besties.  I chose not to kick her in the shins, but on the way home, Michelle did point out that if you are wearing green velour pants, you probably should not be dispensing unsolicited (or solicited) advice.

Part of her spiel had to do with being unprofessional and teenager-like.  I about died laughing yesterday when we were playing sight word memory in kindergarten, and a little girl looked at me and said, “how come you can play the game with us even though you are a teenager?”  to which another child responded incredulously, “You are a teenager?”  Clearly Mean Grocery Lady’s influence is spreading…. 

I digress.  Back to the cupcakes.  In summary, they were delicious, Michelle is awesome, and you should bake these cupcakes.  You could even invite Michelle and Mean Grocery Lady over if you want to recreate the full baking experience.  At the very least, I would recommend reading her re-cap of the morning.  She talks about the actual baking experience, including how to find your baking best friend (BBF) and highlights fun steps like, “paint the top of the cupcake with freshly brewed coffee”  (this is perhaps my favorite baking step ever.  Like, totally.)

Click here for a link to Michelle’s fun post

Click here for a link to the original recipe


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