My First Pie

Dear Diary,

I signed up to make a pie for Thanksgiving.  I have never made a pie before.  I’m a little nervous, but I plan for it to be delicious, so …

The recipe calls it a Snozzberry Pie.  I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I googled it.  I learned it is a reference from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I feel like I should have known that.  If anyone asks at Thanksgiving, I think I’ll go ahead and call it a triple berry pie, since there are after all three berries in it.  The pictures look delicious, so fingers crossed…

Right now it is Wednesday at 4:53 pm.  I have officially started my career in pie baking.  I am making my crust from scratch using this user-friendly recipe.  So far I have cut up the butter and put it in the freezer. I’d say that went pretty much according to plan.  I’m assuming the rest of the recipe will be just as easy as my butter cutting experience.  I mean, it was also my first time cutting butter into cubes and putting it in the freezer. 

4:59 pm.  The butter is still in the freezer.  It is supposed to stay in their for an hour.  So in the meantime, I am cooking a pizza from Trader Joe’s for dinner.  I just thought you’d want to know.  Isn’t live blogging, which our friends will read later, fun, Diary?

5:51 pm.  Well kids, it has been an hour.  I guess it is time to proceed.  Wish me luck!

6:01 pm. Food processor has been successfully located and reassembled.  Flour and salt are pulsed together.  (note: I stopped myself in time, but I almost just pour flour into the food processor without measuring it.  this should be interesting.)  Butter is coming out of the freezer! 

6:14 pm.  Things were touch and go there for a little bit when I didn’t think it was going to come together in the food processor.  But then I re-read the directions and took comfort in the fact that the domesticated blogger in which this crust recipe comes from feels nervous every time too.  I was a little over-zealous in my water addition.  I used restraint and didn’t add more than 4 tablespoons, but I failed to heed the “slowly” part of the directions. 

6:23 pm.  I sliced the dough in half, smooshed each circle down flattish, and saran wrapped them up.  I think this is probably my most successful and least-angering use of plastic wrap.  So if the pie doesn’t turn out, at least I seem to have gained some valuable kitchen food storage skills.  The dough is now chilling for 30 minutes. 

6:52 pm.  Nervous, but moving forward with some berry measuring.

7:00 pm.  Blackberries and raspberries are measured and in their bowl.  I started slicing the strawberries, but then a new episode of Up All Night came on.  I’ll try to continue slicing during commercial breaks. 

7:18 pm.  I remembered I needed to set up an elaborate drip catching system to prevent a repeat from last year’s smoking oven and the little lady that lives in the smoke detector shouting, “fire!  fire!”  No berry juice is getting through my layers of aluminum foil and pizza pan. 

7:30 pm.  The berries are assembled and in a bowl.  Now on to the pie crust.  I was real nervous, but it wasn’t too bad.  I used a piece of parchment paper and drew a circle that was about 1.5 inches bigger than my pie pan.  Then I sprinkled on some flour.  Probably way too much flour.  But that’s what the first try is for, right?  I rolled it out, starting in the center of the dough, and rolled away from me.  I then rotated the whole thing to do the next section.  I repeated this until my crust was big enough.  I loosely rolled the crust over my rolling pin to safely transfer it to the pie pan.  Success! 

8:00 pm.  Modern family is on.  Clearly the pie and I are taking a break. 

8:30 pm.  I rolled out the top crust, put the berries in, worried over whether there was enough filing, threw in a few more raspberries, topped it, read online how to close ‘er up, then threw it in the over.  Before I closed the oven door I whispered, “Good luck, little buddy!”

8:41 pm.  I call my sister to see how the fizzy jello is coming, since I know that is a big Thanksgiving undertaking.  Fortunately it all went well.  She questions why my pie is taking so incredibly long to make.  I assure her it is my nervousness to begin each step of the recipe which results in stalling and watching the tv.  If I actually just made the pie instead of daydreaming about how I will mess it up, it would go much faster.

9:12 pm.  50 more seconds until my pie is done!  Life is so exciting.
9:13 pm.  There is some debate in my mind and in my heart whether the pie is done.  Maybe I’ll give her a couple more minutes.
9:14 pm.  Now I realize that the pie crust which looks to still be doughy is actually just very sugary due to my lack of sprinkling skills.  I officially take my pie out of the oven and proclaim it, “DONE!” 

Thursday at 11:51 am.  I am enroute to Thanksgiving.  Some of the “pie juice” is attempting to escape the confines of the pie.  Seeing that I driving the car (with wet fingernails) I am powerless to do anything except verbally coax the pie to calm down.

12:16 pm.  My sister declares the juice running across the top of the pie to be artistic.

2:01 pm.  The pie is eaten and proclaimed delicious by all.  My grandpa even liked my crust!  Sigh of happy relief.  I now consider myself a pie master.  Please see me for all your pie needs.

Pie Crust Recipe

Pie Recipe


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