Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I started my Thanksgiving off bright and early with a trip to the airport to drop off my roommate.  I told her that the timing works out well, because I have a lot to be thankful for, so I need to get my Thanksgiving started early.

As usual, I had two Thanksgivings this year, so I thought we could see how they compare.

We will refer to them throughout the post as “Kindergarten Thanksgiving” and “Real Thanksgiving”.  In case the names are not self-explanatory, Kindergarten Thanksgiving refers to the day before Thanksgiving at Kindergarten, and Real Thanksgiving refers to the real Thanksgiving Day.

Let the comparing and contrasting commence:

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade:

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: We viewed pictures of past parades and checked the forecast for this year’s parade.  We then wrote and drew and the things we would need to pack for our trip to NYC based on the weather and our planned activities.

Real Thanksgiving: I watched the parade with some friends while doing things that involve the letter C: drinking coffee, eating caramel rolls, and peeling clementines.  It was mostly a magical morning.

The Attire:

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: We wore pilgrim hats and bonnets. 

Real Thanksgiving: I may or may not have once again worn the above pictured clothing.  It is my Thanksgiving outfit?  Surprisingly enough, no one was wearing pilgrim hats.  What a disappointment.  Scarves were the common attire.  Even little Fiona was wearing a scarf.  She wins for most adorable outfit though.  Babies tend to do that.

The Table: 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: I pushed all the tables together into one long table and covered it with fallish colored papers.  In the words of one student, “It’s so beautiful!”  (this is not actually true. It was festive in the lamest sense of the word)

Real Thanksgiving: Lots of the cousins were off celebrating with the in-laws, so we all fit around one table together!  No kids’ table for us to be banished to… it was a new experience.

The Movie: 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: We watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  They loved it.  “Miss K- that was kind of funny!”

Real Thanksgiving: To end our day, we went to my parents house and watched Tangled.  We try and keep it family-friendly for our 20s-30s crowd.

The Food: 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: In true Charlie Brown fashion, we ate popcorn, pretzels, and jelly beans.  

Real Thanksgiving: We had all the Thanksgiving staples: turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, fizzy green jello, stuffing, and Dad’s secret family recipe for eskimo pie.

The Thankfulness: 

Kindergarten Thanksgiving: We passed the sparkly microphone around the table and all shared what we are thankful for.  This year we were thankful for “my whole friends”, Mario, family, and their teacher.  My highlight is always watching them smile as I go around the table and personally tell each child that I am thankful for them.

Real Thanksgiving: You will probably be surprised to hear that no sparkly microphone was passed around.  But I’d take a wild guess and say we all could have listed things we are thankful for – we are pretty blessed 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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