Football Desserts

Once a year, my church has a great event called the Chili Bowl – it combines two great American past times: chili and football.  We usually have it when the Vikings are playing Monday night football.  This year’s game was kind of a big deal: Vikings vs. Packers.

I signed up to bring a dessert (or two) to the game, and naturally I thought, “hmm… what can I make that would be cute and delicious and make football fans everywhere happy?”

I came up with two ideas, then conned my sisters Rachel and Rachel into baking with me.

Item #1: Football shaped cookie dough truffles.  Delicious?  Yes.  Simple?  Yes.  Time consuming?  Yes.  Awesome?  Yes.  You can follow this recipe from Annie’s Eats.  To make the football shape, I rolled the circle and smushed it a bit, then shaped the ends into points.  I’m sure those precise directions will be helpful to you as you venture into the world of football cookie dough truffles.  For the lacing, I just used a little white melting chocolate.

Item #2  Team Colored Homemade Oreos.

Homemade oreos are amazing.  There is no way around it.  It is just the truth.

They are even better if you roll the outsides in team colored sprinkles.

Speaking of sprinkles, you will be happy to know that I did not spill sprinkles all over Rachel’s kitchen this time. Not that that every has happened before.  And not that they bounced everywhere, to be still turning up weeks later. Nope, none of that has ever happened.

Idea: you could replicate this magic for the super bowl.   But with different colors.  Because the Vikings will not be playing.  My football care factor is at about 17%, and even I can tell you that.

Item #3 Ghetto Folding Chairs.

Ok, this is not a baked good. You are absolutely correct.  I can’t fool you.  However, there is a mildly amusing story here.

After Friday’s baking extravaganza, I realized I’d left their house without my jacket.  I couldn’t be bothered to stop by until Monday on my way home from work.  When I went in, Rachel said, “Oh, and take your folding chairs!  I put them by the door.”  To which I said, “Pass.  I will let you guys keep them here!  It is your lucky day.”  To which David said, “Take them!”  To which I shouted, “You can’t make me!”  After which I ran out the door.*

I got home and was about to leave for the chili bowl, when my phone said, “Laura, you have an email!”  So I read the email, and it was my pastor saying, “We could really use folding chairs!  So bring some!”

So alas, to David and Rachel’s I returned to collect my folding chairs from 1932.**

*The actual words of our conversation may be slightly dramatized.  It all happened so fast, I can’t recall what exactly was said. But that is the gist.

**The chairs may or may not be from 1932.  Trust me though, when I say people are confused, then amazed when I teach them how to set up the chairs.  Chair technology has come a long ways in the past 70 years…