Kindergartners, you make my day

This morning I had a meeting to be at when the kids arrived, so I came into the classroom when the students had already arrived.

Three children quickly made their way to my desk.  The first asked to sing me a song.  If you know me, my answer to that is always YES, PLEASE.

She sang for me -the lyrics were fairly simple: “I love you Miss K-” on repeat.  It also involved swaying to the music in her heart and giving me a hug and then singing to me while giving me a hug.  Epic.

The next child had a picture for me.  Obviously the tall girls are the teachers: Mrs. B is holding the flowers and I am holding the balloons.  The little girl is clearly her little sister.

She later came up to me and said, “My mom said to give you this because I love you.”  and she handed me a quarter and a fake penny.  Now that says love.

The third child had a Thanksgiving gift for me.  Adorable?  Yes.  

I wasn’t too sure how today would be – it is full of meetings, observations, and weird scheduling.  But now I can confidently say today is going to be great.



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