Pet portraits? no. Family Christmas Pics with the puppy? yes.

Today I will share with you some pictures that will make you cry.  Or maybe they just made me cry because the cold wind was blowing in my eyes when I trying to take pictures and when I took the camera away from my face, there would be tears streaming down.Driving home from Iowa (ok, we were in Minneapolis at the time) we saw a car that was advertising they do painted pet portraits.  I thought about getting one for David and Rachel for Christmas, but then decided that just taking their little family pictures would be easier, and probably cheaper too.  I mean, I don’t know how much it costs to have a pet’s portrait painted, but I’m guessing it isn’t cheap.  Unless of course the artist uses a paint by numbers from Hobby Lobby that happens to be the correct breed for your dog.

If you are ever given the opportunity to take a picture of a cute couple and their adorable dog, you should totally do it.  However, I would recommend taking at least 200 pictures.  Here are 12-18 of the reasons why. (feel free to click on any of the pictures to view if larger… I just didn’t want to force you to scroll for 25 miles in order to read this post)

one possible solution... hide the dog behind you!

so much for that idea!

David's expression is my favorite here.

Bear is not even in the picture...

well, no more shoe close ups for David...

why must you bite your lip, silly puppy?!

This is my favorite. Please click to see it big, so you can fully appreciate Bear having wrapped his leash around David and Rachel...

Maybe if you say please, I will show you a nice picture someday soon.  Because we managed to power through Bear’s lack of picture etiquette and get some great shots.

(although next time, I might recommend a pre- photobooth practice session on a mac… it worked for my other clients…)

Ok… I will share one.  I caved.  But only because it is a good one for closing…


One thought on “Pet portraits? no. Family Christmas Pics with the puppy? yes.

  1. I’ll be honest, I contemplated doing a photo shoot of Spot (the family cat) this year to get Billy, Marcus and I off the hook for a family Christmas photo. Somehow, despite all of the hissing and falling down, it seemed like it might be just a little bit easier.

    What a gorgeous setting!

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