Board Game Doppelgangers: who is yours?

Some people say that we all have someone out there who looks like us.

Some people look like their twin, others like a movie star, some like their mother, and still others look eerily like a favorite board game model.  Recently, we discovered that Amber has a board game doppelganger.  She was pretty honored, as not everyone has such an impressive claim to fame or has the wardrobe to match 1991.

I mean, really truly, this is a pretty impressive matching.  So much so that it got tricky to tell who was who.  Which one is Amber?  Which one is Linda?  (no, I have no idea what Life Mom’s name is.  Linda seems to work).I think that the natural question that everyone will be asking is, where is Linda, the Life Mom, and her fake husband and children today?  Are they still playing board games?  Or in keeping with the times are they now rocking out to Just Dance on the Wii?  How has their fashion changed or stayed the same in the past 20 years?  Do the children have children of their own now?  Do they ever play Life with their kids?  Do their kids even realize how famous their parents are?  Did they ever play other board games?  Or in being photographed here did they commit to playing Life for life?  Was their fake family really as happy and loving as it appears in the photograph? What was it like to be a part of this fake family?  How did the fake family compare to their real families?   Do they still get recognized when they are out in public?  Are they asked for autographs more frequently in the Salvation Army, where one might find the 1991 version of the game?  What are the qualifications for being a board game model?  How has board game modeling changed in the past 20 years?  And most importantly, who won? 

I’m sure your questions don’t stop there.  I know mine don’t!  That is why we are excited to share our latest idea with you: a documentary: Board Game Models: Where are They Today?  finally getting answers to the questions you had no idea you had.

9 thoughts on “Board Game Doppelgangers: who is yours?

  1. I think the photoshop job on the box might be one of my favorite edits of all time. I would love to know how they cast the people that look like they have that playful, whimsical, board game spirit.

    • Thanks Kat. I do my best to make my photoshopping ridiculous and obvious.

      Great question, I will add it to the list when we are finally able to track down these stars for their interviews…

  2. I found this while stumbling around online searching for information on what may have come of the “boys” from the Dream Phone game. Imagine if they could all be located! Which ones are dead? Is Steve still a total jerk? It’s good to know there are others who have similar thoughts to these!

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