roadtripping, or rather, thinking.

Hi friends,

I am currently hanging out in a hotel, waiting to hear from a friend.  In the meantime I thought I’d share some random thoughts.

Thought 1:  I want to go to school and count the stars on my flag.  A first grade teacher at my school said they counted on Friday during a Veteran’s Day lesson, and her flag only had 48.  What?!?!  This is what happens when funding for education is cut, I guess.

Thought 2:  A few minutes ago, I thought I would be stuck in the bathroom of the hotel forever.  Then I realized I needed to push the door, not pull it.

Thought 3: I am thankful I traveled down south today, seeing as I couldn’t find my coat anywhere this morning.  It is nice and warm down here.  Crisis averted.  (I just consulted – it is a solid 55 degrees here.  I wonder what Will Smith would wear outside)

Thought 4: I am happy we are nearing the home stretch of grad school.  I plan to hang out with my computer, textbooks, and journal article to write a paper tonight.  Someday I can have more exciting plans than that again.

Thought 5: I love that ever since the dogs in the stroller incident of 2010 in Florida, my friends keep me updated on their awesome dog sightings.  Today Amber texted me that at the car dealership there were two dogs parkas and tiny pink bows sitting on a chair on a pink blanket, sipping water out of a tiny cup.  That mental image kept me happy for the drive down here.

Thought 6: Anna just called, and after comparing her address to Prairie Dogs, I now know how to find her.  Goodbye, friends!  I’m off for some quality friendship reuniting fun time!


One thought on “roadtripping, or rather, thinking.

  1. I was happy to keep you and Rachel entertained on the drive to Iowa. I’m glad you and Mrs. A. had a good time! I’m a little j I couldn’t hang out too….we’ll just have to plan another road trip back to Iowa!

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