life-changing technology

Maybe you think I’m talking about the latest apple product, medical device, or you fill in the blank.

You are wrong.  You might think you guessed right, but I’m telling you that you didn’t.

I am talking about Microsoft Excel and Google Reader. 

My brother was quite unimpressed by my combination of multiple calculator applications open at once on my computer screen  and the assortment of scraps of paper and post-its I use to figure out the rent/bills for me and my roommate each month.  He showed me how to teach Excel to do my math for me.  Amazing!

Tonight I spent half my life adding blogs to google reader.  I have never used it before, but I anticipate it being life changing.  I was inspired a while ago reading this post.  My browser is going to be confused with the distinct lack of bookmarks from here on out.  Taking the leap may have taken the greater part of my evening, but just think: in the long run, it will save me so much time and so much finger overexhaustion from all the navigating, scrolling, and clicking I normally do.

What will they think of next?!

I’d love to stay and speculate with you, but google reader just put a 2 in parenthesis.  I’ve got some reading to do!


6 thoughts on “life-changing technology

  1. I want to say I learned about Google Reader two years ago and it’s mind-blowingly wonderful.

    And then last year, a friend forced me to put the Google Reader App on my phone.

    You will not even know what has hit you.

  2. Oh, no, not more technology that I must learn to use. Help! (Amber?) You see, the problem is that I grew up back in the day before computers, when we actually used typewriters. At my first job as a newspaper reporter back in 1978, I wrote my stories on a manual typewriter. Not quite as old as the one pictured above, but a manual typewriter none-the-less. I love my computer. It’s made my life as a writer so much easier.

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