too many nights out on the town?

Too many nights out on the town got you down?  Don’t know what to do?  Look no further.  Next time you are tempted to go out, follow this guide to low-key friendship fun in your own home.

Step #1 Don’t do too much planning.  Let it happen organically.  But do a little planning.  Don’t fail to put out a low commitment invite the day before.  Or people might not realize the wind is blowing them over to your house.

Step #2 Make dinner plans.  Once again, let’s not put too much effort into this.  It is really the most ideal if you are on separate levels of the house.  Roommate 1 calls Roommate 2.  On the telephone.  Plans are discussed.  Roommate 1 adds Friend 1 to the party line to make a final decision.  Then use the internet to order your pizza.  If you are lucky, (or if you click the deliver option) someone will even bring it right to your front door!

Step #3 Talk about your great party contributions.  You can say things like “Wow!  We are all so domestic!” and then review that Roommate 1 ordered pizza for dinner.  Roommate 2 made bars completely not from scratch.  Friend 1 brought purchased apple cider.  The makings of a great night?  Yes.  The makings of true domestic goddesses?  Not so much.  And that’s okay.

Step #4 Pull out a non-thinking, non-strategic board game from your childhood.  Play this game while eating the (hopefully delivered) pizza.  Learn lots of new things about your friends.  More on this topic in the next post.

Step #5 Watch a movie.  Let’s not rush into anything though.  Seriously.  Slow down.  Try to view at least 97 netflix options before making your choice.  If you are still having trouble deciding go ahead and watch The Accidental Husband.  If that is even what it is called.  It is enjoyable.

Step #6 Eat delicious dessert.  At this point, feel free to serve your not-from-scratch dessert (to be featured later this week).  People will love it.  People will love you.

Step #7 Watch the beginning of a documentary.  Don’t get too invested in the inside look of the FBI.  You will be turning it off soon when a couple more friends arrive to entertain you with stories of the gala they attended.

Step #8 Bedtime.  You can choose this time.  It might be 8:30.  It might be fake 11:30 if it is daylight savings weekend.  Just tell your friends that you are going to bed.  They will probably go home at this point.  It is the right choice.

Step #9 Reflect on your great non-party throwing skills.  Because who doesn’t love a quiet night at home with some friends?

Congratulations on your upcoming staying-in successes.  I know you can do it.


One thought on “too many nights out on the town?

  1. I think making bars completely not from scratch is probably the best part. Our family’s “secret recipe” brownies is really a box of ALDI mix combined with a bag of chocolate chips and frosted while still warm with frosting from a can.


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