Just another day of K.

Today in kindergarten we learned some important life lessons:

  1. Putting sunflower seeds in your friend’s ear while they rest is not actually a good idea.
  2. It would cost over $400,000 to fly our whole class to China.  So we will probably need to think of a different way to check the weather there.  It doesn’t seem like that is going to work.
  3. You might think a friend called you an idiot.  But then you will remember that you have no idea what they actually said, because as you put it, they “speak a different language.”  And if by different language you mean English, then yes.
  4. An overly anxious child snuck out of the room during choice time (play time) and came to find me in the hall where I was assessing kids.  “Miss K, it smells like smoke!” “Yup, you are right.  I think someone burnt popcorn.  It is going to be ok.”

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