Trick or Treating Fail.

One of my former students lives in my brother’s neighborhood.

The other day I asked her how trick or treating was, and she said it was great.  I asked if she trick-or-treated at my brother’s house.

She asked which street he lives on.  I told her.  She pondered this for a moment.

I then offered the helpful information of, “He has a dog, but he is a nice dog who doesn’t bark.”  She asks, “What is the dog’s name?”  I told her it was named Bear.  Again with the pondering.

“Yes!  I did!”  she concludes.  I said, “he is tall with blonde hair.”  She again confirms.

I said, “He ran out of candy pretty early.  Did you get any candy from him?”

She said, “No.  He was already out.”

I ask, “What did he give you?”

She said cheerfully with a shoulder shrug, “nothing!”

I clarify, “So he opened the door and said, ‘Sorry, I’m all out of candy.”???



She seemed convinced.  David did not corroborate this story.  He claims it had to be his neighborhood doppelganger who gives him a bad rap.

What really happened?  We may never know.

The end.


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