on television, imaginary friends, superstar divas, and more.

Welcome to another update on how all is going in the world of kindergarten.  I figured it has been a while, and I’ve been keep some good stories up my sleeve (or in my facebook status updates), so I should probably share them with y’all.

Stories Related to the Calendar: In case you missed the memo, it is November!  New months are always hard to remember when we are looking at the calendar during our morning meeting.  Pretty much they don’t remember until about the 3rd week of the month.  Anyways, like I was saying, it is now November.

This is how our conversation went:

Teacher: Can you tell me what month it is?

Student: October.

Teacher: Remember, we have a new month.

Student: September.

Teacher. Nnnnn….

Student: blank stare.

Teacher: Nnnnoooovvvvvv…..

Student: [excitedly shouts]: Noveburary!

Teacher: NOVEMBER!  Let’s all say it together!

Stories related to television:

Yesterday I was facilitating some reconciliation after a scuffle on the playground.  The first child apologized and then I told him he could ask, “will you forgive me?”  Instead of repeating, he said, “Hey!  I heard that on tv!”  Enter Laura’s spontaneous lesson on what it means to forgive someone.

I thought perhaps his parents just hadn’t encouraged this way of resolving fights with friends or siblings.  But apparently he just relates everything to television.  Today we were talking about weather related words and the same kid says at one point, “Hey I heard one of those words on tv before!  The guy said, ‘There will be an inch of rain.'”  And no, the kid had no idea what that means.

Lesson learned: just relate everything back to tv.  Then the kids will learn.

Stories related to imaginary friends:

Here is the scene: I am turning on some stellar dance party music, such as Animal Action or ABC Disco, when I see across the room a little boy has what looks to be some weird scalp disease.  I make a mental note to investigate further, which I promptly forget.  I drop the kids off at specials, when my assistant tells me that as it turns out, this little boy has gum in his hair.  Did he sleep in it? No.  He put it on his head in a panic when he realized he was chewing it on the bus.  Because obviously that is what you should do to avoid getting in trouble.  When he later re-explained what happened, he said he didn’t actually put the gum in his hair.  Rather, it was his imaginary friend Bruce Wayne.

Stories related to fall festival/aka Halloween:

And the best costume award goes to: the superstar diva!  Complete with a sparkly gold dress with matching hair tie, bangle bracelets, a headset microphone, and aviator sunglasses.  Win.  Double win because she says her mom has a matching costume.

Stories related to none of the above:

A child was called over to my desk for kicking another child during rest time.

Teacher: What is going on over there?

Student: My leg.  I couldn’t control it.

Teacher: Oh dear!  Do you think you need to go to the doctor?

Student: No.

Teacher: But maybe the doctor can help.  I mean, that is pretty concerning if you can’t control your leg!

Student: I can control it now.

Teacher: What is different this time?

Student: I’ll pinch it.

Teacher: Well, I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Student: No, I already did, see?  (and demonstrates the pinching).

Lesson learned: if you have an unruly limb, just give it a good pinch and all will be right again.



4 thoughts on “on television, imaginary friends, superstar divas, and more.

  1. I had completely forgotten about morning meeting until you mentioned it. Holy flashback. I’m pretty sure we did some extremely elaborate Base 10-style counting with chain links back in the day during that time.

    Happy November 🙂

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