I couldn’t be bothered to actually carve my pumpkin.

This past weekend I had a slumber party with 200 of my closest friends. (trust me when I say this totally won me awe and respect from the kindergartners). 

The only problem is that when Saturday night came, the thought of actually carving a pumpkin seemed utterly exhausting.  But I still wanted to see my friends and be a part of fun fall things.  Oh dear, what is a girl to do?? 

Never fear.  Hello Giggles had a post with some fun alternative pumpkin things to do.  One involved crayons and fire. Perfect.  I convinced the Rachels to create some colorful pumpkin art with me.  

We learned some vaguely interesting things in the process.

  1. Some crayons are really hard to peel the wrapper off.  I wonder how the workers in the crayon factory decide which ones are going to be peelable and which ones are going to make you hate everything purple.
  2. Crayons and lighters make for a fun time.
  3. It looks pretty going on, but be careful because the wax hasn’t adhered for life.  If you start to drop the pumpkin and catch it with your hand against the melted wax, you might break off large sections of your work.  And then you will feel slightly disappointed. (Note the broken section in the top right corner.)
  4. Surprisingly enough, this decorating technique works on a variety of sizes of pumpkins.  Even those as small as your hands.  Or your eyeballs. 
  5. It is kind of addicting.  Set a time for someone to be required to take the lighter away from you.  Otherwise you will say you will stop, but you never will.  Until your hand cramps up from too much lighter usage. 
Our pumpkins might not have been as fun to light as our friends’ jack-o-lanterns, but we still deem our experience a success! *our artistic inspiration: original blog post here

One thought on “I couldn’t be bothered to actually carve my pumpkin.

  1. I really love the effect on the smaller pumpkins! I think I saw some other posts involving painting with stencils and glitter and what-have-you. I just don’t think I’m advanced enough for that level of decorating yet.

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