Pop Quiz

Let me paint you a picture.  Actually, let me paint you three pictures, and your job is to figure out what these three scenarios have in common.

Picture #1

After church on Sunday, five 20-somethings head out for to eat.  They eat brunch at the Good Day Cafe.  Brunch is uneventful, yet delicious.

Picture #2

A group of people sit out on a screened in porch for a couple of hours.  It is a cold day, so each person is wrapped in a blanket, or at least has a blanket wrapped around his or her lap.  Several are clutching warm mugs of hot cocoa, and one has a small puppy on her lap.  This may look like a scene from a movie of when the elderly get wheeled outside for some fresh air.

Picture #3

It is a birthday.  A group of people head to Sky Zone, a trampoline warehouse in Plymouth.  They put on (one with extreme difficulty) their special jumping shoes, and hit the trampolines.  It is a giant area with square trampolines connected by a mat to separate each person’s jumping around.  Some people get great height, doing flips and literally bouncing off the walls.  Others are content to jump around in their personal square, loving celebrating a birthday.

Quiz: What do these three scenarios have in common?

A) They are all scenes from movies I saw this week while celebrating MEA.

B) They are parts 1, 2, and 3 of my roommate Tiffany’s birthday party.

C) They summarize my Sunday afternoon, when I went to brunch with my friends, visited my grandparents, then stopped by a student’s birthday party.

D)  They clearly have nothing in common.  You can’t fool me.

And the answer is: B!  If you guessed that these are all ways we celebrated Tiffany’s birthday, you are right!  We did our best to act our age, then practice for when we are older, then enjoyed reliving our youth.

I would totally recommend Sky Zone if you have kids, or if you like jumping.  Apparently they also have dodgeball and work out classes.  That is what the rumors tell me, anyways.

I have no pictures of our awesome day for you, because I am a slacker and didn’t take out my camera.  But I’m sure that I painted you such quality mental pictures that you didn’t even realize there was a distinct lack of photographs!  You are welcome.

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!  I’m glad that you could arrive in Florida for your birthday, just like I did for mine.  I think that should probably be our new thing.  I love traditions.  Especially when they involve the beach.  Have a great trip to the Dominican Republic – I am praying for your team.  Thanks for being my roommate, and joining me in keeping the heat off until Thanksgiving, rescuing me from baking breakdowns, eating my cupcakes when they turn out, sharing iced coffee, using the remote so I don’t have to learn the channels, going for walks with ice cream in hand, saying ridiculous things and also have serious conversations, giving me hair inspiration even though I could never get my hair to do 92% of the pretty things you do with yours, and being my friend 🙂  You are great! 

One thought on “Pop Quiz

  1. I love it – I’m not sure when people started having “fun” birthday parties again, but it’s kind of like we’ve regressed. After a lot of dull Mexican Fiesta-themed dinners, I think we can all agree that this development was necessary.

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