Another week, some more moments of kid awesomeness

A student sits down in a huff.  I ask what is the matter.  He angrily mumbles, “The teacher wouldn’t let me get water”.  A different student clarifies with disbelief, “Jesus wouldn’t let him get water??”  That is a lot different kiddo.  Turn on those listening ears…

Remember the little girl who every time I said the word kindergarten she shouted out (sometimes with a fist pump) “I’m in kindergarten!”?  She has calmed down a bit on that front (it only took a month) but she now spontaneously launches herself at me to give me hugs.  It is sweet.  And alarming.

Teacher: Does anyone know the long word for Vet?  Student: VEGETARIAN!

Student A: You are tall!

Teacher: Yep.  Why do you think I am tall?

Student A: So you can get old!

Student B: I don’t want you to get old!!!!!  I want you to be my best teacher ever!

(what does that even mean???)

We learned about the city vs the country.  “Who remembers some things you might see if you visited a community in the city?”  “lots of parrots!”  “I think you are thinking of pigeons.” (but honestly, how great of a mental image is it to think of this guy as being surround by parrots instead of pigeons??)

Buenos Aires pigeon man

How to choose a home: We had a lot of community helpers come visit us this week.  One was a realtor.  She said, “Barbie and Ken just got married so they don’t want to live with their moms and dads anymore.  I found some pictures of houses to see if they want to live at any of them.  Which one do you think they should pick?”  “That one!  Because it is fashionable!”  

Questions and Answers with my students about who helps in the school community: 

Tell me about who you drew that helps in the school community:  Attempt #1 “Colts stadium”  Attempt #2 “the principal”

A lot of them drew a picture of me helping the school community.  Here are my fav answers:

  • Where do I work?  In my desk.
  • What would happen if I were not in the school?  I would play music
  • What would happen if I were not in the school?  [The student] would cry
  • What else do you know about me?  I am nice
“Miss K!  I moonwalked all the way from my locker to the classroom!”  “Oh, um, be sure to watch where you are going…?”

Well, I am now off to visit the forest.  If the student in another class is right, and I am assuming they are, I will find my husband with mohawk under a tree.  Full report tomorrow.