Brilliant Idea

Ok, this idea took the efforts of several people, so you know that it is good.  If you are a Minnesotan looking for an awesome Halloween costume idea, consider being a MN Twin.  It is a simple, basic, and awesome idea.  

Start by putting on the Twins jersey.  Then throughout the day, or party, slowly add to your costume.  Perhaps first you add a cough.  Then a sling.  Then a cast on your leg.  Then a neck brace.  An eye patch.  Many randomly placed bandaids.  Soon you can be pushed in a wheel chair.  If someone asks what is wrong, tell them your legs are feeling weak.  Then for the grand finale, be sure and crash your car into a co-worker’s or friend’s as you make your departure.

It will be epic.

*Please do not actually damage yourself or property.  Halloween is not worth it.