Vintage Teaching

My roommate and her family are YMCA Garage Sale experts.  I am way too intimidated by the whole experience to join in, but I occasionally reap the benefits.  Yesterday Tiffany gifted this to me: A Child Guidance Toy: a magnetic alphabet and spelling board.

 I am really hoping that my students use it to spell things like “Doris Ruth and Bob were in my class” just like the clever child on the cover of the box.

The back shows other magnetic child guidance toys  and gives descriptions.  I like the Read ‘n’ Rite Board.  Nothing says literacy like learning to “rite”.  I’d LOVE to read the “accurate up to the minute facts on each state” in the geography board. and also enjoy the magnetic basic form board that says, “The younger kids will be magnetically attracted to this all new educational fun board with completely unlimited play value.”  I know I appreciate it when the play value is not limited.   My research tells me this board is from 1959.  Mom, did you learn to read with it?  I’m guessing yes.  I do love vintage things, and am considering changing all of my teaching techniques to that of 1959.  Unfortunately, google isn’t giving me much to go on other than replacing lock down drills with a little duck and cover action, so I’ll probably need to stick with my teaching practices of 2011.  It was a nice idea while it lasted though!


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