Fall Perfection

Sometimes you go outside after have a complete meltdown baking cupcakes and it is a perfect fall day.  So you embrace it for all its worth.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, here are my tips!

1.  Beautiful weather.

when I think "beautiful day" I think "llamas"

2.  Beautiful friends. 

3.  Corn maze.  Pick one you can’t get lost in.  Loop around and come out the entrance.  Confused?  Yes.  Lost and panicked?  No. 

4.  Giant roosters.  They add to anything.  For other giant chicken escapades, read this

5.  Hayrides.  At this point you might get separated from your friends.  Don’t panic.  You can just get on the next one.  If you don’t believe me, I have emotional photographic evidence below.

happy; with anticipation

distraught, terrified, deeply saddened

relieved; tentative joy

6.  Apple donuts and cold apple cider. 

7.  Picking apples. 

8.  Did I mention fun friends on a beautiful fall day?  Because that is kinda key. 


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