Sprinkling a cupcake with disaster.

Rachel’s birthday was on the most beautiful fall day ever.  We decided we’d make it a day of fall fun followed by hanging out with friends at her house to party it up that night.  Naturally, cupcakes were in order.  After all, it was a birthday, right?  I asked Rachel what kind she wanted and she found this recipe for Apple Pie Cupcakes.  I thought to myself, “those look pretty tasty!  But I just think they could be even better.”  So I did some googling and found THIS: Caramel Apple Pie Cupcakes.  Picture it (or look at the picture below): a cinnamon cupcake with apple pie filling and caramel frosting.  A little bit of fall heaven, right? 

Sometimes I say, “Read this and find out how to make delicious treats!”

Today I will say, “Read this and learn how NOT to make delicious treats.  Then after you read, click on the link to the original recipe and learn how the pros competent people do it.”

The first thing to keep in mind is that you probably shouldn’t bake if you are feeling 100%.  I mean, what fun is that?  Where is the drama if you are awake, coherent, and healthy?  Boring!

The second thing is you definitely shouldn’t check and make sure that you have all of your ingredients.  Absolutely do what I did and just start baking.  I’m sure you’ve got what you need!  Then, when you realize that you don’t have corn starch, you can have a total meltdown and flee your house, nearly in tears, leaving a confused roommate in your wake.

Another thing is you probably don’t want to have an awesome roommate who will help you finish the cupcakes when she sees how emotionally unstable you are while working around dangerous things like knives and hot ovens.  

Oh, and before I forget, try to not mix the batter well.  It will be so much more fun if you think it is odd how runny the batter is, double check the recipe, shrug your shoulders, and move forward with the baking.  Merrily scoop the batter-soup into the cupcake liners.  Then shake your head with dismay and sorrow as you reach towards the bottom of the mixing bowl and come up with chunks of batter-glop that clearly should have been mixed with the batter-soup.   At this point you can oh-so-carefully pick up each soupy-filled liner, and squeeze the batter back into the mixing bowl to try again.  Now you have effectively wasted enough cupcake batter to go from a double batch to a 1.5 batch of cupcakes.  Think of all the time you are saving yourself in the frosting stage!  Less cupcakes = Less work.

Now just put the cupcakes in the oven to bake!  While the cupcakes are baking, prepare the apple pie filling.  After the cupcakes are cool, use your handy dandy cupcake-corer to take out the middle of the cupcake, spoon in some apple pie filling, and swirl the caramel buttercream frosting on top!  

As a final touch, I would recommend drizzling caramel on top.  If I were you, I would do this as messily as possible so that everyone who eats your delicious creation is a sticky (but happy) mess.

Happy Baking!  Enjoy the little taste of fall-heaven in your mouth after you complete the above steps of fall-not-so-much-heaven.  

p.s.  If this baking plans sounds awful to you, but the cupcakes sound delicious, please click here for the actual recipe and directions for a successful baking experience.  And note that because I am lazy, I used the frosting recipe found here.  I actually really would recommend this recipe to you.  The cupcakes were amazing.  I don’t know how to describe them except to say that taste like everything that fall should taste like.