Winning them over.

Holy buckets, this week has lasted FOREVER.  I could not be happier that it is over.  I will say that I am slowly winning my class over to be on Team-Laura for life.  This is a yearly goal, which results in me barely being able to get my kids to their buses at the end of the day because I am mobbed by former students.  Awesome?  Yes.

Here is my evidence that this year’s bunch is well on their way:

One girl cried the first few weeks of school upon her arrival because she missed her parents.  Now she cries when she leaves my classroom because she misses me.

The child who randomly comes up to me, says my name, and then simultaneously gives me a smile, a thumbs up, and a wink.  UH-Mazing.

Today we talked about ways we can be caring with our hands.  Many children drew pictures of helping a friend up when they fall, throwing away their garbage, giving a high five, or sharing.  This child drew a picture of “giving Miss K a hug.” In his picture, I have angel wings.  Or really giant arms.  But I will go with angel wings.

Another child drew a picture of me when asked to name someone important to the community.  I wish I’d saved his picture to show you.  He was so proud of it and said, “Look!  I gave you a big smile!”  While this is true, he also drew me as a cyclops.  One circle, with one big eye, a HUGE smile, arms, legs, and crazy hair going everywhere.  He clearly spends a lot of time looking at me, because he knows exactly what I look like.


One thought on “Winning them over.

  1. A cyclops with angel wings. We are totally taking this show on the road.

    I’m glad that you made it through this week – have a relaxing weekend, lady!

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