As if they’d won the World Series…!

Last week I begrudgingly went had the opportunity to go to the final Twins game of the season.  I wasn’t super excited because 1) I had the opportunity to go a potentially good movie instead. 2) Watching the Twins lose by a million points had because boring and repetitive.  3)  I had begrudgingly gone to the game the previous week and it ended up being a fun time at Target Field when we were given a slightly behind the scenes tour including a trip up to the every exclusive Budweiser beer deck.  What more could Target Field offer?  Why bother going back?

Well, let me tell you.

It ended up being a great night of baseball.  I should have known things would go well when Tiffany and I ended up in coordinating ensembles of navy blue striped cardigans.  Secondly, it was John Gordon’s last night of announcing baseball.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly know his name.  But I know his voice.  In my mind, he is the voice of summer since childhood.  I love a good tribute.  This one was touching.  I may have teared up.  But so did the guy running the best buy photo booth, so I feel validated in my emotions.  (Or he had something in his eye.  I’m guessing tears though).  It ended with Dan Gladden taking him (John Gordon, not the weepy best buy kid) for a motorcycle ride (in the sidecar) around the perimeter of the field.  Fans cheered and high fived him as he passed by.  I was concerned for a moment that he was going to take out the Turtle Lake Elementary School choir that was lined up to sing the National Anthem, but best I can tell, no toes were run over.  Insert Standing Ovation Here.

Thirdly, Pavano’s mustache was looking might trim and well-groomed.  I’m guessing that the ‘stache was the main contributer to his awesome pitching.  Because he was amazing.  And pitched all 9 innings.  And didn’t give up a single run.  Insert Slow Clap Here.

Fourthly, after reading the Twinkie Town article suggesting ways to make the final game bearable, I was really hoping to see Cuddyer play all nine positions.  While that didn’t happen, we all know in our hearts that he could have done it.  Cuddyer is the (healthy) glue that held this team together this year.  There is talk of trading him, and my hearts breaks a little when I hear such rumors.  Where will we be without his leadership, baseball skills, and magic tricks?

Fifthly, I was there with fun friends.  I don’t have a picture, so just use your imagination.  Look at all the fun friends!

Sixthly, we won?  In the shortest game of my life.  Yep; 1-0, Twins Win!  I don’t know when I’ve seen that much excitement at Target Field in the past year.  I mean, everyone was on their feet cheering wildly.  The players rushed the field and tackled the winning hit hitter.  (yes, I have great grammar).  I thought, “by golly, it is like they have won the World Series!”  Or at least it is like they have never won a game of baseball before.  Then I realized, perhaps they haven’t, at least in the major leagues, because our team is not actually comprised of major league players.  I haven’t smiled that much at a Twins game in ages.  Well done, boys.  Well done.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you: TC did in fact get knocked over in all the excitement.

One of my grad school profs likes to end each class sharing her hopes and dreams for us.  I’d like to share my hopes and dreams for the Twins.

  • I hope you stay healthy
  • I hope you remember how to play baseball
  • I hope Cuddyer is a Twin forever and always
  • I hope that one of the following players calls me for a date: Kevin Slowey, Luke Hughes, or ______________.
  • I hope that you never get this close to losing 100 games again.  That would just be embarrassing.
  • I hope that Drew finds lots of fancy clothes at Nordstroms during the off-season.
  • I hope that we can sing Don’t Stop Believing more often as a sing-along.  This year I was a little disappointed; not gonna lie.
  • I hope that the game forecast does not include snow, sleet or hail, but rather covers the field in sunshine, smiles, and rainbows.