things to come…

My body has been fighting off the plague like it is it’s job.  Which I suppose it is.

We’ve been in the middle of a super busy assessment time at school.

I’ve been baking (apparently more than I should).

All that to say I collapsed into bed at 8:00pm on Friday and have been a bit too tired to write anything coherent.  But I have had a few coherent thoughts of late.  And soon I will share them with you.  I promise.  I will share things like…

  • The last Twins game of the season.  Magical?  Yes.  Surprisingly so?  Yes.
  • Baking delicious cupcakes: which will fall apart: the recipe?  or me?  or both?
  • Embracing all that is fall: apples, corn, and pumpkins.
  • The baking of the most delicious cake I’ve had in my life.  Jill, I am standing outside your door right now for a bite.  Please let me in.

Today I told a room full of strangers that I enjoy the Twins and pretending that we are actually friends, and I am known for my mis-identification of a animals at a distance.  I sure know how to make a great first impression!

Today in kindergarten we learned what a character is.  Tomorrow we will need to revisit the topic, because just to clarify, Darth Vader is not actually a character from the story of The Gingerbread man.