heart to heart

Sometimes in life you just have to really have a good heart to heart chat to make sure everyone remembers we’re all in this together.  (But really I’m in charge, so listen up kiddos.)

Heart to Heart Conversations of the week so far:

  1. You should not have to burp that much.  I appreciate that you say “excuse me” but if all of this burping continues, I will need to call your mother and suggest she bring you to the doctor, because something might be wrong with your body.
  2. While yes, surprises are fun, it makes teachers really worried when you hide (poorly) to jump out and scare them.  It is important that your teacher always knows where you are.
  3. Yes, I know you are in kindergarten.  I know that being in kindergarten is very exciting.  However, whenever I say the word “kindergarten” or “kindergartners” it does not mean you need to enthusiastically shout out, “I’m in kindergarten!”  We are all in kindergarten.  shhhhhh.
  4. These sentences mean very different things: “She is hitting on him” vs. “She is hitting him.”  (Actually I did not address this, I just died laughing on the inside instead).
  5. Yes, I have freckles on my face and arms.  No, they are not germs.  Let’s say it together, “FRECKLES”.  Please do not go home and tell your parents that your teacher is covered with lots of germs.

2 thoughts on “heart to heart

  1. Kindergarten is SUPER exciting! Especially when you have a germ covered teacher. (Did a kid really tell their parent that you were covered with germs?!?)

    • I don’t know what they’ve told their parents today – that is what scares me sometimes 🙂 I only know that while testing him on his letters, he looked up and asked me why I have germs all over. After horrifiedly asked for clarification he motioned to my face and arms and repeated his question. Then I taught him the word freckles.

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