Harp + Ocean Waves. It must be rest time.

After seven years of teaching kindergarten, I have a few thoughts about rest time.  Today I want to share my thoughts on the rest time music that I play for my children.  I don’t claim it is high quality music.  I don’t really like to spend a lot of money on it, so some of it is from the Dollar Tree 🙂  You know you are only getting the best when you buy things there!   If I am going to have to listen to this peaceful music each day, I need some variety so I don’t lose my mind.

There are the generic classical music CDs I have with sleep inducing titles, such as “Peaceful” and “Serenity.”  I will not let any music aficionados listen to these CDs, but it at least brings some variety into our lives for the right price ($1). Plus, BONUS – if you pick the right disc, you might get to hear a song called “Whispers in the Dark” played on the panpipe and blended with the gentle sounds of birds and a mountain stream.  Win! 

The CD Soothing Sleep is harp with ocean waves.  It was a dollar, so I bought it, but then I realized the cover could bring about questionable giggles by the children.  So I try to be as stealth as possible when putting this CD in. 

This summer though, I had the best find ever.  I really enjoy the lullaby CDs that are renditions of your favorite artists – it makes the music more tolerable.  Lullaby versions of the Beatles?  Coldplay?  yes and yes.  But this summer, I came across a Taylor Swift lullaby CD on clearance.  CLEARANCE?   Yes, you are probably as shocked as I was.  Naturally I scooped it up into my cart and we listened to it for the first time yesterday.  The jury is out whether it is horrible or amazing.  But I can tell you this: the cover of it is beyond fantastic.  Yes, it is a foal with T. Swift’s hair.  Best thing I’ve seen all day. 

So next time you think a kindergarten teacher has the easy life with rest time built into her day, remember two things: 

  1. The kids rest, not the teacher, so really it isn’t that awesome.
  2. Feel free to feel bad for the teacher who is forced to listened to rest time music every day.  Thank goodness for things like ponies with long blonde curly hair to ease the pain.

As a little bonus, here is a photo of me after I accidentally clicked the “capture” button on photobooth, even though I was done snapping pics of CD covers.  I don’t know why I panicked – it is my computer – I could have just deleted it… 🙂 but instead, I cringed and shielded my face. 


2 thoughts on “Harp + Ocean Waves. It must be rest time.

  1. I’m adding the cover of Hushabye Baby to my list of signs that we’re living in the end times. There are so many observations I want to make about that cover but I don’t even know where I could possibly begin to unravel that one.

  2. I’m so happy you shared the picture of you. it made me laugh because I am certain I would have done the same thing.
    And I pretty much need to listen to that cd sometime. I don’t even know how to imagine it at this point and it’s driving me crazy.

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