Bedtime Stories with Laura vol. 1

Sometimes your roommate has boring dreams about touring college campuses, and needs you to tell a bedtime story.  If you don’t know any off the top of your head, feel free to read this story instead.  Otherwise, do what I did and draw inspiration from things you’ve seen on TV, and things you’ve not seen in the wild, but thought that you did.  Grab a glass of milk, your slippers, and cozy up for this epic tale of bedtime-ness.

don't settle for reading the phone book before bed. there are better bedtime stories out there.

Once Upon A Time….

There was a little squirrel named Stella.  Stella Squirrel was SO excited, because the day she had been waiting for had FINALLY arrived.  Yes, it was the day of the Woodland Creature Beauty Pageant.  Stella had been rehearsing walking in heels, smiling with grace and ease, and twirling her flaming baton for months.  And today; Today she would get to show off her talents, skills, and love of world peace for all to see.

Stella packed her tiny squirrel suitcase and headed out to the city bus stop.  She paused at one point, needing to check just one more time that she had truly packed everything she needed.  GASP!  Where is her pink sequin evening gown??  How can she compete without her pink sequin evening gown??  Oh my.  Stella Squirrel ran back to her nest as fast as her little squirrel legs would carry her.  She searched everywhere.  To no avail.  [dramatic pause here]

Stella was so busy crying machine-gun bursts of sobs  that she didn’t notice the arrival of Beatrice Butterfly – her fairy godmother.  Beatrice wiped away Stella’s tiny squirrel tears and asked what was the matter.  Stella squeaked her response while making frantic (yet very small, because squirrels have small arms) gestures to indicate how important this dress and this day was to her.  Beatrice fluttered around, sprinkling glitter and warm fuzzies.  She waved her butterfly wand, and wah-la!  A beautiful sequin pink evening gown!  The day has been saved!

Stella took no chances that she would forget her dress this time so she put it on quickly, deciding to wait for her updo until she got to the site of the pageant.  Stella Squirrel looked at her bedazzled watch, to realize she only had 3 minutes before the pageant started.  She had long since missed the bus, and she had no other way to get to the pageant!  Or so she thought.  Panic was beginning to set it.

Beatrice Butterfly fluttered her wings again, sprinkling more glitter and warm fuzzies.  Then she whistled louder than Stella thought a butterfly could whistle (really any whistle would be louder than expected, so she was under the impression butterflies could not talk).  Out of the woods she heard some rustling.  Could it be?  Yes.  It was Wild Turkey Tom to the Rescue!  Stella hopped on the turkey’s back and clung tightly to his neck feathers as he raced off into the sunset.

Of course they made it to the pageant in time.

And of course, Stella won the pageant.  Bedtime stories end happy.  It is a rule.

Sweet dreams!


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